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2022 MFFL Playoffs

2022 Final Regular Season Power Rankings and Seeds

2022 Playoff Seedings

The 2022 MFFL Playoffs for 14U, 12U & 10U will begin on 10/15 and conclude on 10/29. All games will take place at Fitzpatrick Stadium. 

Seeding for 14&12U is determined by a power ranking system that analyses the result of every game and then considers head-to-head results. We can not go by straight record, as not all teams will be playing each other the same amount of times, some teams may play considerably harder schedules, and we're matching up some 14U teams vs. 12U teams in the regular season. 

10U Playoffs will begin with pool play (10/15 & 10/22.) The 8 pool winners will face off in a single elimination tournament on 10/29.

Find the playoff brackets below.


Here are the 8 teams that have one their pool play divisions and advanced into the final single elimination MFFL Tournament.

First and second round games will be 15 minute halves. The championship, and third place game will be 17 minute halves.

10 Tourney Format

Our tourney will begin with pool play on 10/15 & 10/22. On these dates, every team will play each team in their division one time. So almost everyone plays 3 pool play games (Division 8 teams will play 2 pool play games.) Once pool play is over, 8 division winners will enter a single-elimination bracket that will be played out on 10/29.

Pool play games will be 10- minute halves, running clock, 3 timeouts per game, and no overtime. The single elimination games will be 17-minute halves, 3 timeouts per game, with overtime.

Division winners and seeding for the final tournament will be determined using the following tie-breakers:

1.     Win %

2.     Win Total

3.     Head to head. (If applicable.)

4.     Points Allowed per game.

5.     Points Scored per game.

6.     Preference given to team from the town least represented in the final 8.

7.     Coin Toss.